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Thank You Church! Global Missions Auction Fundraiser

Updated: Oct 27, 2018


For those who have been attending our church for some time, you are probably aware that we hold our annual Missions Auction in May. Our church members provide services and items to raise money in order to fund and further the mission work that our church supports. However, many people may not know where the money goes specifically. What happens to the money that is raised at the Missions Auction and other fundraiser events? In fact, how is the missions fund in general used every year? In 2015, the Global Missions ministry sought to focus on 4 major cities where ODPC has already planted our roots. As a result, we primarily focus our efforts and funds to support the work done in these cities. Below is a breakdown of how we’ve supported these cities and our Ms abroad.

In Northeast Asia, we have:

  • Assisted in purchasing of new chairs for the grade school in which our Ms currently serve as teachers.

  • Supported a local tutoring school for the local people in Northeast Asia.

In Central Asia, we have:

  • Funded food drives for the local people that are run by local Ms during the harsh winter periods.

  • Helped raise up local leaders by funding the local Discipleship Training School where one of our Ms serves.

  • Provided heaters and new windows for the renovation of a local church that also serves as a rehab center and working with a local orphanage.

In India, we have:

  • Supported a local church and pastor that we have helped plant in the city.

  • The pastor’s wife also runs a medical clinic to which we have contributed to as well. They also provide clothes and blankets to the local people.

  • We also support Freeset, an organization that  provides an alternative means of income for women in sex trafficking. (For more information, visit Freeset’s website at Recently, Freeset planned to build another factory in order to employ even more people; ODPC has contributed to the construction of this factory.

In addition to supporting the work being done out in the field, the Global Missions ministry supports ODPC’s short-term mission teams. This year, Global Missions is supporting teams being sent out to NE Asia, Central Asia, and India. We’ve also partnered up with several other short-term mission teams with the Korean congregation and the Youth Group for Compassion International, Mexico, and Vision Care. Finally, we also use funds for various activities, including M care, pastoral care trips, and other global missions needs. For more information on how you can partner with the Global Missions ministry, visit

Ever wonder what it was like for Jesus to feed a multitude of 5000? ODPC Global Missions teams might have a clue as they participate in the many fundraisers to love our cities. Gloria Sim’s famous “Chicken Katsu” lunches have been enjoyed by many at our church and we are proud to present her recipe here. Bon Appetit!

The annual Missions Auction is held every May to support ODPC Global Missions.

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