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Updated: Oct 27, 2018


Do you believe in miracles?  While I believed in miracles, I had my doubts; however, a recent missions trip definitely proved that miracles do happen. Jesus is Lord – He has power over nature and the supernatural. Jesus told the sea to be still, turned water into wine, healed the blind, and conquered death. I do believe in miracles.

According to the World Health Organization’s 2011 report, 285 million people suffer from visual impairment and every 5 seconds a person goes blind. Eighty percent of these visual impairments are avoidable and 90% of those who are visually impaired live in developing countries where they do not receive medical care due to financial reasons, lack of medical facilities, and ignorance. I recently went on a mission trip with Vision Care in the land of Morocco and Mauritania where I witnessed 180 miracles. In 15 short years, Vision Care has treated over 120,000 patients and performed more than 17,000 cataract surgeries through 200+ free eye camps in 35 countries throughout Asia, Africa, and Central-South America. With a particular emphasis on sustainable local eye health, Vision Care currently has local branches in Pakistan, Mongolia, Ethiopia, Uganda, China, Vietnam, Mauritania, and Morocco.

The three main causes of visual impairment (restricted visual function by damaged visuometer) are disorder of refraction and accommodation, cataract, and glaucoma. The reasons for blindness are cataract, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.  The Eye Vision team specializes in cataract surgeries, which is one of the leading causes of blindness in underdeveloped countries. This year, the Eye Vision team, comprised of both Korean-speaking congregation (KC) and English-speaking congregation (EC) members, went to Mauritania and Morocco to perform cataract surgeries. The village selected was 30 minutes from Nouakchott. We visited a very poor area in which the people did not have the money or means to see an eye doctor. There were several people who lived in darkness for all of their lives due to bad eyesight until we showed up in their villages because of Jesus’ calling. We did the initial screening and completed each surgery in 15 minutes after which the patient could see.  The joy and happiness in the people’s faces as their patches were removed and they could see their families, nature, and their own faces were miracles. Each healing was a miracle. It was a miracle for that one person. I believe in miracles. Hopefully you believe in miracles after reading this story. No matter what difficult situation you are in: lost baby, divorce, addiction, lost loved one, or any other hardship, remember miracles do happen. They are happening in your own life, but you might be unable to see. Pray to the Lord Jesus to show you miracles.

The Eye Vision team is supported by ODPC’s Global Missions ministry.