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Introducing the New Threshold!

Updated: Oct 27, 2018


Over the past several months, we the editors at Threshold took on the ambitious task of reimagining our church newsletter as an interactive media blog. Since Threshold first launched in December 2008, we have traditionally served our congregation through hard copy publications that accompanied our regular Sunday bulletins. This effort was mostly spearheaded by the indomitable Jackie Kwon, former deacon of LOGOS Ministry and now a senior advisor to our editorial staff. But after nearly seven years of printing and pressing, we took an honest look at how we could better improve the reader experience and the result as you “scroll” it is our very first publication of Threshold online!

So while you’re clicking or tapping away on your mobile devices, we kick off our inaugural issue with some exciting news from ODPC’s Care and Women’s Ministries. We are especially privileged to introduce Gloria Huh, a counseling psychologist in training, who presented a seminar on depression and anxiety earlier this year. She discusses the necessity of seeking comprehensive help – whether it be inside, or outside the church – and the prevalence of mental health issues that affect our community. If you were unable to attend her seminar, we strongly urge you to check out her presentation now posted online and available for you at the Threshold.

For Women’s Ministry, Pastor Tae Gam gives us our first look into her messy (but now organized!) pantry – along with three gallons of unopened soy sauce. But more importantly, she asks us to leverage the “good, bad, and the ugly” for the sake of someone else. And what better way to do this if not through the 7 Experiment where the ladies of ODPC staged their own mutiny against excess by living a reduced life.

Finally, we present our feature article from Pastor John Cha, “Knock.  Knock.  Knock”. Pastor John’s childhood friend Mark invites a young John Cha to play his Atari.  Some of us younger folks might not be entirely familiar with what an Atari is, but eBay rescues us from obscurity by listing it as a “Vintage Video Game System”. It is currently being sold online for $75.  Matching Atari T-shirts aside, Pastor John calls us to be hospitable in Jesus. He reminds us that Open Door is a welcoming space where strangers become friends and we share in our common need for God’s grace.

So how fitting that we close 2015 on a note of welcome and hospitality. Because this is exactly what we hope to represent at the Threshold as we encourage readers to take a look around, make themselves comfortable, and maybe even share their own stories. So the next time you hear someone knocking on your door, why not invite them to step into the Threshold?

We’ll be waiting for you.

Special thanks to Threshold editors Jackie Kwon and Gene Lee, the ODPC Elder Board, Pastor Daniel Kim, Threshold staff, WP engineers, ODPC administrator Jane Choi, ODPC webmaster Chu Kim, and consultants Ryan Kim, and Joanne Ku for making this web-venture even remotely possible.