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Ep. 02 - Smelling like Sheep with Elders John Sim & Sean Park

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Do you know the names of all our ODPC elders? We know of at least two! Our newly elected elders John Sim and Sean Park may have been none too thrilled with the latest "Aquaman" movie but they're more than happy to share with us some of their best memories from Open Door and tell us what it means to "smell like the sheep".

ODPC operates as a single church family with two interdependent congregations, an English-speaking congregation (the EC) and a Korean-speaking congregation (the KC). Each congregation operates its ministry under the direction of its own elder board. The executive body for governance and operation of the entire church is the Joint Elder Board, consisting of the KC Elder Board and the EC Elder Board. Candidates for EC eldership must have formally served ODPC EC as a deacon in good standing for at least three years. EC elder candidates may be recommended by any EC member and are elected with the approval of a majority of the Joint Elder Board and a 2/3 vote of the EC membership.

On December 9 of 2018, John Sim and Sean Park were confirmed by a congregational vote as the newest EC elders at Open Door.

Connect with John Sim at ODPC's 9T5 Faith and Work Ministry and serve with Sean Park at Little Lights Ministry in the KC building.