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Children’s Ministry: Creating a Home for Grace to Grow

Updated: Oct 27, 2018


Capital Vision Campaign 2017

ODPC’s Children’s Ministry (CM) consists of all of the ministries for infants and toddlers through 6th grade and is led by Pastor Joshua Lim. The English Congregation (EC) Fruitful Vineyard Ministry (FVM) welcomes children from infants through Kindergarten, and is held on both floors of the EC Worship Center. Director Jeanie Chang, along with Assistant Director Lillian Son, leads the EC FVM. Director Eunice Kim leads the Korean Congregation (KC) FVM as well as the AWANA ministry.

After Kindergarten, children in 1st through 3rd grade move onto Little Lights (LL) Ministry, which is led by Director Stephanie Lee. After 3rd grade, children move onto Kids for Christ (KFC) Ministry through 6th grade, which is led by Director Joe Choi and Assistant Director Susan Yi. After they journey through CM, the children graduate to the Grove, ODPC’s youth group, under Pastor Peter Lee’s leadership.

While the KC and EC FVMs are in the respective KC and EC buildings, both LL and KFC are currently located in the basement of the KC Main building. Children from both EC and KC join together in worship from LL through the Grove. The Grove, due to space issues, moved into the Student Ministry Center (SMC) last year. The CM and the Grove fall under our Children’s Education (CE) Ministry and it is overseen by KC and EC elders with the great support of deacons from both congregations. The CM and CE have been a great part of our interdependent journey and deep history between the KC and EC.

HIStory, the Current Situation, and our Vision

By God’s grace, our children’s ministries continue to grow, and we have around 600 children attending our services every week. As we continue to grow in numbers, we recognize our need for additional space.

When we first encountered this challenge of space, our solution was to ask our congregation to prayerfully consider moving to another service time to help balance our numbers. We knew this was asking A LOT of our families, but we simply did not have an alternative solution. Families from both the English Congregation (EC) and Korean Congregation (KC) graciously moved to the 11:45 AM service several times over the last 10 years, and we will never forget the sacrifices that these families made in support of our ministries. However, even with their support, we have continued to experience a need for more space. For our elementary-aged children, we are already experiencing a lack of classrooms, which have required some classes to meet in the hallways. We have come to a point where we need to find a long-term solution that addresses our need for more space.

After many discussions and much prayer, the church leadership decided to renovate the basement and create an entire floor that is dedicated to children’s ministries. Currently, in the KC building, children are on every level of the building. Preschoolers and Kindergarteners are on the 2nd floor, infants & toddlers are on the main level, and 1st through 6th graders are in the basement. This creates stress-filled mornings for our families with children in multiple ministries, as they must go to every level to drop off/pick up their children. In addition, this configuration tends to overwhelm our guests and visitors when they first visit our church.

By creating a space where all of our children, families, guests, and visitors feel welcome and a sense of belonging, our hope and prayer is that they will continue to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and continue to share the love of God with each other as they go out into the world.

We humbly ask for your partnership as we “create a home for grace to grow.”

What Does the Renovation Include?

  • Remove walls to create bigger, more versatile multi-purpose rooms

  • Establish two central check-in areas (one for preschool/Kindergarten and one for grades 1-6)

  • Install secured doors and entryways

  • Widen the staircase between the basement and main level

  • Build bathrooms that are the right size for preschoolers and Kindergarteners

  • Provide a mother’s room where our mothers of infants can stay with their babies and still worship

  • Equip the space with child-friendly furniture and chairs

  • Decorate the space with welcoming décor and furniture in the lobby so families and children can stay and fellowship

How Much Will the Renovation Cost?

$1.7 million

We are splitting the cost evenly between the KC and EC, so we are seeking to raise $850,000 from each congregation

Frequently Asked Questions

1). Why now? Our church has grown to the point where we simply do not have another option. In addition, if we are struggling to find space for our children, how can we invite our friends and neighbors or accommodate our guests and visitors?

“This is a priceless opportunity to create space to invite guests and neighbors and further live out our vision of being an open door for even our youngest guests.”        
-Pastor John Cha

2). Why is the cost so high? We worked with an architecture firm that specializes in church buildings and renovations, so they recognize the budget constraints of a church. They listened to the requests of our CM Directors and created a plan that addresses all of our needs. The proposed plan will upgrade all of our current ministry space and give us room to grow.

3). When is the deadline to submit my pledge? We are asking that all pledges be turned in by July 23rd, 2017.

4). Will I need to give my pledge amount by the deadline as well? No. The campaign period is one year, but we kindly ask that 50% of your pledge be given by December 31, 2017.

5). What if we do not raise enough money? We want to be responsible with our finances, so we will not start construction until we get enough pledges. If the totals are close, but not enough, we will re-evaluate the project.

6). I fully support this vision – is there another way I can help invest in our next generation? Yes! Please serve and pray with us! Your time investment is just as valuable as your financial investment. Please check out our main website at for details and someone from our Children’s Ministry will contact you. We also covet your prayers as we go through this process.

For any further questions on the Capital Vision Campaign, please contact Pastor Joshua Lim at or Pastor John Cha at