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Calling All Yuccies!

Updated: Oct 27, 2018


Since the early, formative stages of Threshold 2.0, the editors have held fast to the vision of communicating Open Door’s life-changing grace in new and creative ways. We dream large and wide by seeking to build a ministry that makes full use of the gifted and talented people in our congregation. But we also believe in taking deliberate and measured steps as we prayerfully consider the growth of our ministry.

Our first year at Threshold was largely experimental. It took a solid three months of consulting and planning before our website officially launched and an additional year of meetings and discussions to determine how to operate our ministry. This included how often to run our publications and how to delegate tasks.

We started with a small ministry of 8-10 people to cover news items and report on church events. During this time, we also brainstormed ideas and began to imagine what Threshold would look like in the blogosphere. We set up organizational flow charts to clarify our approvals system and analyzed our website statistics. We looked into communication strategies to better present our material on social media. All the meanwhile, we excitedly pitched articles and special projects to drive the Threshold pipeline.

This year, God enriched us with creative abundance. We ventured into social media by launching two campaigns, “Stories Open Doors” and “Passion Week 2017”. In the former, we shared about community and encouraged members of our church to share their stories. In the latter, we recruited ODPC elders to provide biblical commentary on key passages in the Book of Luke. We’re especially proud that we released our first hard copy publication in magazine format.

God has also added to our numbers and we now have an extremely talented and professional-grade team of graphic designers, videographers, multimedia specialists, and photographers. Many of these individuals were recruited right out of ODPC’s NextGen ministry (our English-speaking congregation’s young adult ministry) and they are, in many ways, the future of Threshold.

The current editorial board is comprised of long-standing Threshold members Jackie Kwon, Gene Lee, and Tina Ro. Jackie, oversees Threshold content as senior advising editor. Gene offers technical and strategy consultation as contributing editor. Tina is fearlessly equipped with her “red pen” as copy editor. The Editor-in-Chief Frances Kang manages the Threshold pipeline and reporting staff.

At this juncture of Threshold, however, we are finding an ever-increasing need for a creative director. As our ministry continues to grow, the editorial board can’t help but feel that we are doing a disservice to the creative talent on our staff. We especially believe this is the time to generate a stronger social media presence and integrate more video content onto our reporting platform.

In order to do this, we are seeking a creative director to join the editorial staff. Potential candidates will direct the creative arm of Threshold and lead teams in ideation, digital production, and social media integration. They will be fully invested in declaring the message of God’s life-changing grace at Open Door and champion Threshold’s vision to pursue Christ and inspire the church community.

So if you are looking for an opportunity to develop your character, make use of your gifts, and test out your calling, we invite you to join us at the Threshold. Help us serve, equip, and mobilize others to testify to God’s life-changing grace!

For more information on the creative director position, please contact

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