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AO Creative: An Extension of Love

Updated: Oct 27, 2018


No matter how many times I see the sun set or rise, if I take a moment to breathe it in, the sky always captivates me. More than the washes of color, I am moved by the reminder of a metaphor I heard back in college. The speaker said, “If you and God were sitting together on a cliff facing the most beautiful sunset God had ever painted, He would rather gaze at you.” I am still trying to understand that love — that deep perfect love that I look for in different ways every day.

The more I embrace God’s love as Truth, the more I feel free — but it’s a struggle when every day the world tells you the opposite: that you are not good enough. That you are unlovable.

When I first started AO Creative, I was intimidated. It was three months before the end of 2013 and I was still fairly new to the church and without close community. Of course, I wanted to see the arts flourish in the church, but that wouldn’t be fuel enough to keep the ministry alive. The more I continued to pray and fall in love with Open Door, the more I wanted to see connected community and love flourish. It wasn’t until later, when I was praying for the vision of AO that the realization dawned on me: AO would be an expression of the freedom we have because we are loved.

Lisa Puckett presents AO Creative

2014 Compassion Sunday, VBS each summer, the launch of AO Movement (a dance ministry)… I cherish these moments that brought us together, softened our hearts, and helped set something free in us.  I have since stepped down from serving at Open Door due to work, graduate school, and other time-consuming obligations, but there are times when I crave to see more freedom released through the arts. The most recent project, the Art Initiative, was a collaboration with 9T5 Ministry that commissioned artists to express the Father’s Heart. I am so grateful for Open Door, 9T5 Ministry, and for the artists and friends who helped put this installation together. My sincere prayer is that when you view the paintings or admire a creative work, you would see a moment of God’s love poured out and a son or daughter of the Father one step closer to freedom.

Partnering with 9T5 Ministry on the Art Initiative: “The Father’s Heart”

Lisa Puckett is a graduate student at Georgetown University.  She is the former ministry leader and founder of AO Creative at ODPC. Image Source / Jiin Shin;  Original logo design by Sek Kim