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2018 ODPC Ministry Directory

Updated: Oct 25, 2018


It’s almost summertime!  There’s no better opportunity to thrive together in Christ than to participate in one of the many ministries available to us at Open Door.  Serving in ministry is a chance to breathe life into our communities through our identity in Christ and witness anew to our fellow brothers and sisters.  It is also a time to experience growth and transformation as we flourish in God’s purpose for our lives.  At Open Door, there’s something for everyone as we are called to thrive in our friendships, families, work, and personal, inner life.  Don’t just “survive” but thrive!  Thrive with us in church ministry and share in the blessings and fullness that is ours in Christ alone.  Presenting the 2018 ODPC Ministry Directory, brought to you by the Threshold!

Graphics by Borah Hong